Halloween Weekend 2020-Day 3

On Sunday, November 1, 2020, we had enough time before our flight out of the BWI airport to do some sightseeing around Baltimore. We started our day at a used bookstore that we found out about online called Protean Books & Records. It was a neat little place that had lots of old used books, games, CDs, records, and many other nostalgic things. It also has an odd little section in the back devoted to horror/occult oddities. It was an interesting place worth checking out.

Here are some pics from our early morning drive around Baltimore.

Our next stop was to walk around Fort McHenry. This is the famous fort where, during a battle during the War of 1812 (which lasted until 1815), the Star Spangled Banner was written. Since the Covid-19 pandemic was still on-going, the visitor center was closed as well as the fort, hence why we were only walking around the area.

Fort McHenry

We then had lunch at Ramen Utsuke downtown. We like to try a ramen restaurant in most cities that we go to and this one was supposed to be the best in Baltimore. It did not disappoint.

From there we drove a bit further north to the Clyburn Arboretum. There is a good sized house there that is normally open but was closed. There was also a lot of flowers still in bloom for it being as late in the year as it was.

Here are a few more pictures from the road.

We also walked in the rain to visit the grave of Edgar Allen Poe (Andrea is a big fan of his works).

Now, this wasn’t the most glamorous trip that we have taken but it was a nice little weekend getaway. We were able to explore some areas that we had not been to before so it was still nice to see them even though we will have to go back again to be able to explore more of what both Delaware and Baltimore have to offer.

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